Sheltand Sheep

Cobblerock’s Black Jack, Shetland Ram

Shetland sheep originate on the Shetland Islands off of Scotland. 

They come in one of the widest ranges of color of any sheep. They also come in a variety of color patterns.  They are considered a “primitive” breed, as they are just as they were centuries ago, unchanged as many modern sheep breeds are.  They are small and very hardy.  They are good foragers and are easy to keep and work with.Their fleeces are soft and an excellent choice for handspinning. They are listed as recovering by The Livestock Conservancy.

Aila and Bonnie, light grey Shetland ewes


  1. Susan dàvis

    Se2se shetland roving color grey 4oźs please send price and order information l need one passport sticker tthanks s

    • tranquilmorning

      I only have 2 oz. left of grey shetland carded batts. I do have 4 oz. of moorit (dark brown) shetland batts.

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