Maremma Sheep Dogs

Known in Italy as the Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog, these dogs are bred to protect large herds of sheep from wolves. Here on our farm, they stay busy protecting our herds of sheep, goats and chickens from coyotes, bobcats and hawks.

We’ve had Jack for a little over two years now, and have had no loses from predators since his arrival! Rina joined us this winter and is already alerting us to hawks flying overhead and things she hears in the woods that surround our pastures.

Farm Family Dog

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One thing that impresses us with this breed along with their dedication to the protection of their flock, is their loving temperament and friendliness. They know when to guard, and when to snuggle. They are known to not be easy to obedience train (they are independent thinkers, they come to their name if they want to, but if they think something else would be a better idea, they go with that.) and that pretty much describes Rina, but Jack was very easy to train and always comes to his name, as well as sit and lay down. Hopefully he passes that trait on to his future offspring.

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Our future goal is to (pending hip test results) breed these two so that we can both protect our growing flock of sheep as well as help other farms to protect their flocks/herds with a livestock guardian dog that they can enjoy as a farm family dog as well.

The Maremma is a perfect choice for the cold, wet New England winters, as they are bred to withstand even colder environments. They love the cold and the snow, but adjust fine to our warm summers. They are truly irreplaceable as a protection for our farm.

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