Shave Em to Save Em

The Livestock Conservancy has a new initiative to bring together Fiber Artists and Producers of Heritage Breed fiber. There are currently 22 breeds of sheep on The Livestock Conservancy’s priority list. In order for these breeds to be saved from eventual extinction, there needs to be a market for their products. Worldwide, breeds of livestock become extinct every year. By creating a viable market for heritage breed fiber, there will be more interest for farmers to add these breeds to their farms.

At Tranquil Morning Farm, we are currently working to preserve three priority breeds. Santa Cruz Sheep and Gulf Coast Sheep are on the critically endangered list, and Shetland Sheep are on the recovering list. By purchasing our fibers, you give our farm the opportunity to increase our population of these breeds, and most specifically our two critical breeds. Visit our Store to see special purchases for this particular program.

You have the opportunity to sign up at The Livestock Conservancy to be a part of the Shave Em to Save Em program. When you sign up, you will receive a Rare Wool Passport. When you purchase a minimum of 4 oz. of wool from one of the producers involved in the program, you will receive from that producer a stamp to add to your passport. As you complete projects using these wools, you will receive coupons and gift certificates from The Livestock Conservancy. Visit for more information, official rules and to sign up for the program.

Help us to help save these endangered sheep breeds! Thank you!!


  1. Thank you for participating in this amazing program! I just purchased 4ozs of Santa Cruz fiber, but didn’t see a spot to request a SE2SE passport sticker. Can you add one to my order?

    • tranquilmorning

      You are welcome, and thank you for taking part in it! Yes, I will include your passport sticker.

  2. Judy Collette

    I am looking for Santa Cruz fleece or roving. Do you have any for sale?
    I am participating in SE2SE

    • tranquilmorning

      I do have Santa Cruz for sale in 4 oz quantities in my online store. Go to and click on “store” at the top. Thank you!

  3. Judy Collette

    Thank you! I just ordered 4oz
    Please include the SE2SE sticker with the fiber.

  4. Christine

    Have you sold all of your Santa Cruz fleece for this year? I’d like to buy 4 oz of raw fleece, if you have it.

    • tranquilmorning

      I am sold out of raw fleece, what washed fleece I have left is part of the combo packs of wool. I will check with a fellow santa cruz breeder and see if she has a raw fleece I can purchase from her. I will get back to you in a couple days.

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