100% Wool Dog Ball


100% wool handmade dog ball

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These dog toys are made from 100% wool from our heritage breeds of sheep.  Each ball is hand made.  Wool is dyed with a non-toxic acid dye.  My dogs love them, especially our new puppy who loves to chew.  When the ball gets worn looking, just drop it in the washing machine and dryer and it is as good as new!  Choose the correct size for your dog to prevent choking.  X-small, small, medium or large. (xsmall, small and medium are pictured).  Price is for one ball of any size.


  • 100% Wool
  • Gentle on dog’s teeth
  • strong, 
  • comes in a variety of sizes
  • machine wash and dry when worn to renew its appearance


Additional information

Weight 4 oz

For cats or toy dogs


For small dogs and small puppies


For most dogs and puppies


For larger dogs and heavy chewers


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