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You choose your Duo, 4 oz. of each of two heritage wools.  2 SE2SE stickers included with your order.  Most are natural colors, We currently only have dyed Gulf Coast.  I will update when we have white available again.

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Weight 16 oz
Santa Cruz and Lincoln Wool

4 oz. washed Santa Cruz and 4 oz. carded Lincoln wool. White. 2 SE2SE stams.

Santa Cruz and Shetland

4 oz. washed Santa Cruz and 4 oz. carded Shetland Wool, natural colors (shetland could be brown, black or grey, Santa Cruz is white)

Gulf Coast and Lincoln

4 oz. carded Gulf Coast (dyed colors) and 4 oz. of carded Lincoln (either white or dyed, please request in notes) and 2 SE2SE stickers.


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